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Graduates of the Program

The graduates of the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center program are really just starting their journey after six months. There will be many challenges and opportunities as men learn how to apply the principles we teach to remain sober. We are proud to partner with many transitional living centers and sober-living houses in the Oklahoma City area, providing a way to slowing transition back to work, bill paying, and sober life.

Graduates of the program are encouraged to stay in contact with the Center. Remembering the feelings of entering the Center and reflecting on the changes they have made, add strength to their continued recovery. In addition, graduates are always welcome to visit the Center, attend church services, and participate in Center activities. Graduates can become a member of The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center's Ambassor's Club by remaining clean and sober for one year. An annual celebration commemorates continued success.


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About Us

The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a faith-based recovery center for men who are struggling with overcoming addictions of many kinds, including drugs and alcohol. For most applicants the program is free.

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