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The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a spiritually based program, which is FREE for most applicants. Spiritual guidance is a key element of recovery and is the core of our success in learning how to defeat addictive behaviors. Work therapy is also a key element of our program. Each beneficiary is assigned a daily work task. These work assignments are essential in reaquiring work skills and prepares each participant for re-entry into the workforce. Work therapy enables the Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center to offer an assortment of products for sale in our Family Stores, thereby funding the entire program.

Recovery classes are held in the evenings so that beneficiaries are provided world-class recovery tools to learn how to modify their behaviors. Two of the main courses are "Authentic Manhood" and "Celebrate Recovery." Every class covers core addiction-related topics to help those who suffer from the disease of addiction. The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center maintains a success rate of double the national average.

To view details of the types of recovery classes we offer, view our Program Description

jerry wright

Jerry Wright

Director of Ministries & Rehabilitation

Jerry is an ordained minister and holds a B.S. degree in Organizatonal Leadership from Southern Nazarene University and is a certificate holder from Dr. Mark Laaser for treating addiction. Jerry has been in recovery for 8+ years and directly counsels and designs the curriculum for recovery. email Jerry...

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The Salvation Army Adult Rehabilitation Center is a faith-based recovery center for men who are struggling with overcoming addictions of many kinds, including drugs and alcohol. For most applicants the program is free.

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